This campaign was such a dream to work on. I loved conceptualizing all the different ways language fits into our everyday lives and the different reasons we all have for learning a new language: whether its to be a more adventurous and immersive traveler or to be able to have a deeper converations with a grandparent. 

Conceptualizing for campaigns is one of my favorite modes, and for this one I came up with a multitude of rich and diverse campaign directions, including some additional content series ideas as well as an entire content ecosystem for Babbel. We finally landed on this direction here, which is simply titled “In-App”, as this piece is taken from the perspective of the product itself.

I also created a playlist/soundtrack accompaniment for the creative treatment. Being a director, I’m always looking for the best way to encapsulate the world I see in my head onto the page, and constantly finding the strongest way to fully immerse the reader. This was my first time doing an audio pairing for a deck, and its something that I keep in my backpocket for whenever inspiriation strikes.

Creative Director:

Kassy Mahea
Bao Truong
Matt Hoodhood
Elliot Sisson

Hecho Studios
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